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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tersanjung 13


rm20 by hand
rm 5 (pos laju)
rm 3 (pos register)

About Tersanjung 13:

The band began around year 2002 from one little studio at Ciledug. And the name “Tersanjung13” itself came up from one most popular soap opera in that era, without any reason just for being more “funny” hehehe. Some of our friend said that this band is Grindcore, some said Crustcore, but for us all are the same. We liked both Grindcore or Crustcore. Some Bands who’s inspired us are TERORRIZER, NAPALM DEATH (early), CODE13 & UNHOLYGRAVE.

Jangan Lakukan dirumah Ep. tape (TukangSayur Records)
Breathless War 6 Way Split. tape & cd (TukangSayur Records)
Split w/ JeritanxSepi (Broken Noise Records)
Split w/ Cruel Execute (Kotzetapez)
V/a Kami Dengan APa Adanya (TukangSayur Records)
V/a What wrong with my Ears (Teriak Records)
V/a Kompilasi Komplikasi vol.2 (Ibuku Diperkosa Records)
V/a Fight Back (Sampah Records)
99% punkrock 1% grindcore "mini discography cd" (SNOP label Japan)

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