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Friday, August 22, 2008

WARVICTIMS ( 2nd Design)


rm20 by hand
rm 5 (pos laju)
rm 3 (pos register)

About Warvictims:

WARVICTIMS is a raw crustband out of Sweden that takes d-beat back to the roots. No bullshit, just pure fucking hate and war! We've been around since early summer 2006 and already changed the line-up a couple of times. The band started as a drunken-project by Fisen (drums) and Challe (bass/vox). Chackas joined the band after some month and it was for the better cause he's a human d-beat machine and a true asset in the war! Also, a drunk called Larsa joined us on second guitar...more noise and more distortion! We have released some records and it's coming more in a near future on diffrent labels (check out the info below). Keep your eyes and ears open for that shit!

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