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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thrashington DC


rm25 by hand
rm 5 (pos laju)
rm 3 (pos register)

About Thrashington DC:

Brest, Rainiest town in France, Fall 2005, from the ashes of their previous bands five kids decided the time was right to put some fun back in the hardcore scene that had became so dull and clean…First thing : choose a name ! They thought of calling themselvers No Time To Lose, but it was already taken by an obscure French band, nevermind they finally made their minds for Thrashington D.C., way much cooler isn’t it? Then, choose a style and try to fit in it! Somewhere between fast punk and rock’n’roll, as if The Explosion got fucked by Limp Wrist… Thrashington DC went on with recording songs which were released on a cd-r with Spitfast from Japan (on Kawaii Records), playing a lot of shows in France and even Belgium in 2006…They recorded their first album “To Live and Die in BMO” to be released in April 2007 on La Fée Verte. And as a consecration of their hard work they will be playing at the Free Edge Fest 3 in June 2007…The show must go on!

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