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Saturday, July 26, 2008



rm25 by hand
rm 5 (pos laju)
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About Sangre:
Sangre is a mid-evil, non original band from Amsterdam/Alkmaar in Holland. Started in the summer of 2004 when Cleverson (Olho de Gato), Arielson (Abuso Sonoro) and Roro (Kriegstanz, Betercore, FFB) decided to start this Dbeat explosion. The bass was found with Sanne (Hysteria, Betercore, Beer for Breakfast) and Goska (Noisedemo) and Billi (Boycot, Olho de Gato). Soon after the start the band recorded their debut 10" at the "Dare to do"studio's with a very special version of (at that time) 8 year old Darcy doing the song Outrovert.With the record in hands they did several shows including a succesfull tour in Sweden. In 2006 the band had some line up changes. Roro got replaced by Taco (boycot, Deluge), Sanne by Kfadrat (Olho de Gato, Serious Joke) and Arielson by Niels (HBG, Abe Diddy and the krautboys, Boycot) and with this line up the band did shows in Germany, UK, France, Belgium and Spain. Not lang after these shows, Cleverson decided to leave the band in the summer of 2007. A new guitarist is found and that's Wesley, ex-guitarist from Alkmaar's best kept secret Marklar, and when he's drilled to our commands we will be hitting the stage again and rock on in 2008!

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