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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Anti Protokol


rm25 by hand
rm 5 (pos laju)
rm 3 (pos register)

About AntiProtokol
ANTIPROTOKOL is a scandi-crust d-beat hardcore from Malaysia No history just started on 2001, when Fizam and Lockman meet together and trying to form a band. Then we find Aboy and Gaban for bass and drum position. Then 3 years later Bidan and Pakya took their place till now. So here we are. Our current line up is Lockman on voc, Fizam played raw guitar, Bidan on bass and Pakyaa on drum.Then we invite Tompa to play 2nd guitar as requested. Sharing same good music and attitude and here we are.This is Antiprotokol and we will bleed your ear up!

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